Established in 1962, the Chalet Basque Restaurant is one of Marin’s oldest and most well-respected restaurants. Settled in the beautiful neighborhood of Santa Venetia, in the city of San Rafael, the Chalet Basque has been serving the residents of Marin county delicious cuisine inspired by the Basque Region of France and Spain.


In the early 1970s, Roger Minhondo, came from the village of Irisssary, France, to work as the executive chef at the newly founded Chalet Basque Restaurant. After helping to create many popular dishes that helped give the Chalet Basque its notoriety, Roger set out to establish his own restaurants: The Normandy and The Guernica. Though both restaurants became popular destinations, Roger returned to buy the Chalet Basque in 2000. Now in its 18th year, under Roger’s son Patrick's ownership, the restaurant is serving its well-known traditional dishes and new creations inspired by time spent in the Bay Area.